Welcome To Paryatak!



I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”

-Susan Sontag



 The Journey Begins…

We are all Paryataks – travellers.

Paryatak could be an explorer, a nomad or a tourist. We all seek different destinations in life. But what is common to all of us is travel.

Hello! Welcome to Paryatak – a heritage India tour company organising personally-guided tours and experiences of Karnataka.


Who am I?

My name is Rekha Prakash, proprietor & lead guide of Paryatak.

I have been a teacher of Mathematics & Physics at the secondary level for 17+ years. I spent my childhood & a few years of my early adulthood in Mysuru and have been a resident of Bengaluru for 25+ years.

I have been an avid traveller all my life. I have travelled extensively across India, South Asia and Europe. During my travels, my most-favourite part has been exploring the place on foot, with a local guide by my side.  With the local guide’s assistance, I have been able to appreciate and understand the culture and traditions of the places I visited better.

Now, I help tourists experience the authentic culture and traditions of Karnataka and also learn about the various places of interest through personally guided walking tours of Bengaluru & Mysuru.

These tours – Rekha’s Beautiful Bengaluru & Rekha’s Royal Mysuru –  are designed to be enjoyed by everyone in the family and we’re sure you’ll love these traditional Karnataka experiences.

Feel free to contact us if you’d like to book your guided tours of Mysuru & Bengaluru.




Why choose Paryatak for city tours?

  • Tours led by an experienced local guide who has spent her entire life in Bengaluru & Mysuru.
  • Family-run company – no third-party involvement.
  • Multiple tour packages to suit various interests and fitness levels.
  • Exposure to traditional Karnataka culture, food & experiences.
  • Highly-interactive experience.
  • Extremely budget-friendly group booking prices.

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