5 reasons to include Bengaluru in your itinerary


So, you’ve decided to visit India on holiday, but you’re still unsure which cities to go to. Don’t worry. Our team at Paryatak has travelled around the country and we can help you pick the best places for your maiden voyage (or flight) to India.

Of all the cities we’ve travelled to in the country, nothing stands out as much as the Garden City of Bengaluru. Here are 5 reasons why this city in the south deserves a visit:

  • It’s so green!

It may be known as the Silicon City of India (courtesy, the numerous IT companies), but no development can take-away the OG name of this city – The Garden City.

Bengaluru is home to numerous parks, gardens, man-made lakes and wild forestland. Unless you’re in the industrial areas of the town, you’ll be hard-pressed to not find at least 15-20 trees on the street.

  • The brilliant weather

Mumbai may have her Bollywood and Delhi may have her monuments. But Bengaluru has her Weather. Yup, if there’s one place in India that can be counted on to have steady days of beautiful weather – its Bengaluru.

At no point during your stay in Bengaluru, will you feel too hot, too cold or too rained-on. You’ll always be embraced by gentle, cool winds and the occasional light showers (you won’t even need umbrellas). The soft sun on your face will feel welcoming and not torturous.

Essentially – in Bengaluru, you’ll get all the perks of experiencing a tropical city, without all the negatives.


  • The food is delicious and so budget-friendly

If you love India for the gastronomical extravaganza that it is, then you’ll definitely enjoy the mouth-watering delicacies of Bengaluru. Masala dosa, idli and upma aside, you’ll also get to try akki roti (rice flour roti), ragi mudde (ragi balls), and bisi bele bath (rice-veggie-lentil dish). Then of course there are iconic desserts like Mysore pak, Dharwad peda and obbattu (sweet lentil rotis).

Not only are these dishes super-delicious, they’re also very, very friendly on the pocket. A plate of idli-vada costs under 30 rupees ($0.43) in local restaurants, making it perfect for people of all budgets.

If you don’t want to try Indian food, don’t worry. You have plenty of restaurants and cafes here that specialize in continental cuisine.

  • The beer is always flowing

Bengaluru is called the “Pub Capital of India” and the “Beer Capital of India” for a reason. The city has the highest number of pubs and microbreweries in India and it plays host to all new brands/companies launching their new beer. From traditional Wit bier to quirky, seasonal brews, you can find everything here.

If you love a good-old brew, then you’ll really enjoy the beer scene here.

  • The super-friendly people

Bengaluru is one of the most-cosmopolitan cities in India. The extensive development of industry and economy has made the city truly global. This has made locals more accepting of tourists and foreigners on work assignments.

Go to any café or pub and you’ll notice multi-national groups enjoying their time-off. In fact, don’t be surprised if you find a fellow-national in one of the local restaurants, tucking away at a dosa.

Walk down the crowded market places of traditional Bengaluru and you’ll be greeted by the friendly faces of the vendors. They’ll even go out of their way to help you find your destination. You may even be lucky to get free samples of fruits, flowers and spices along the way.

In all, you won’t find any haters here.

Complete your visit to Bengaluru

Do these reasons make you want to visit the Garden City? If yes, you should certainly start planning your itinerary. You can even book one of Rekha’s Beautiful Bengaluru Tours, organized and led by Paryatak’s lead heritage guide Rekha Prakash.

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