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5 reasons to include Bengaluru in your itinerary

So, you’ve decided to visit India on holiday, but you’re still unsure which cities to go to. Don’t worry. Our team at Paryatak has travelled around the country and we can help you pick the best places for your maiden voyage (or flight) to India. Of all the cities we’ve travelled to in the country,…

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Here’s Why You Should Visit the South of India

Planning a holiday this summer? With its exotic culture, amazing weather, super-delicious food and friendly people, the South of India makes for one of the best vacation spots in the world. Here are 5 reasons to include South India in your itinerary: The amazing architecture Southern India is home to some of the oldest architectures…

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Welcome to Paryatak!

  “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” -Susan Sontag    The Journey Begins… We are all Paryataks – travellers. A Paryatak could be an explorer, a nomad or a tourist. We all seek different destinations in life. But what is common to all of us is travel. Hello! Welcome to Paryatak –…

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